Dental Implant Promotion


Dental Implant Giveaway Promotion

10 Lucky patients can receive our all-inclusive dental Implant package:

  • Limited exam & X-rays

  • Implant A-Z (Implant, healing abutment, final abutment, metal-free crown)

  • No hidden fees, no gimmicks

  • $2,495 (Normally $3,495)

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Patient Reviews

"Dr. Shayesteh and his staff really go out of their way to make sure your teeth are nice and healthy. Some dentists do the bare minimum to do the job but Dr. Shayesteh went above and beyond for the future of my teeth. He could have done an easier procedure on my teeth but went out of his way to do a more difficult one because it would he better for me! His assistant Alex is also excellent! This place is optimal!"

David K.

"Dr Shayesteh and his team are amazing! They go out of their way to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Dr Shayesteh is really patient and his work is top quality!"

Chana L.

"Dr. Shayesteh and his staff were phenomenal in taking care of my filling. I came in for a cleaning and found out I had a cavity on my wisdom tooth! I thought it was going to be difficult but dr. Shayesteh did it with such ease. He used his microscope for the cavity filling which I thought was so cool. If you ever need any dental work done. Come to dr Shayesteh!"

Johnathan S.

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