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Crooked or misaligned teeth are a common problem that affects both children and adults. If you are unhappy about the look of your teeth, you can get them aligned.

Teeth alignment will help enhance your smile and deal with speech issues. During the consultation, your dentist will review your concerns and examine your teeth to recommend the best orthodontic treatment. You can talk to your dentist about using OrthoFX™ aligners.

OrthoFX - Convenient + Affordable Clear Aligner treatment without braces.

OrthoFX aligners are convenient, clear aligners that offer teeth straightening without metal braces. The clear aligners come in a series of trays that a patient wears for a week at a time. They gradually shift the teeth into the desired position.

The aligners use advanced technology to create custom aligners for each patient. The gentle, effective, and stain-resistant aligners are affordable and can help change your smile. OrthoFX qualifies for HSA and FSA Orthodontic Insurance Benefits.

How do OrthoFX aligners work?

OrthoFX aligners offer a remarkable aligner experience. Years of research, development of technology, and clinical trials have gone into creating the FXTetra™ High-Tech aligners. Patients can benefit from the best orthodontic experience, thanks to OrthoFX.

The aligners have a three-layer material known as FXTetra that moves the teeth comfortably. A patient wears each aligner for at least 22 hours a day. Treatment includes a 3D teeth scan, assessing clinical records, one free set of aligners, and free replacement aligners.

Benefits of OrthoFX

With OrthoFX, patients can benefit from a faster and more comfortable dental straightening option. They work 30 percent faster than other options, and they are easy to remove. The aligners are clear, making them virtually unnoticeable when worn.

You can remove them to eat and clean them while wearing each tray for one week. The progress is noticeable with each tray. The aligners can treat a wide range of teeth alignment concerns. The treatment is ideal for teens and adults.

Our clear aligner treatment is effective for adults and teens

During the initial consultation, the specialist will evaluate your oral health before the treatment. This will help determine if you are a candidate for the aligners. The ideal patients practice good dental hygiene and maintain good oral health.

If you have missing teeth, active periodontal disease, or dental decay, you need extra treatment. The doctor will evaluate your condition and recommend you go for orthodontic treatment.

Using Dental Retainers

After completing your treatment with OrthoFX aligners, you must wear retainers to maintain the results. Protect your investment in your smile. The doctor will instruct you to wear the retainer daily. This will help keep your teeth in perfect alignment.

The first set of aligners may be part of the treatment plan. Manufacturers make FXTetra Bright Retainers using advanced technology to create a perfect smile that is whiter and brighter. Creating your dream smile is possible. With OrthoFX aligners, you can transform your smile fast and effectively.

For more on OrthoFX treatment, visit Concierge Smile Boutique at our office in Culver City, California. You can call (424) 404-6400 today to schedule an appointment.

OrthoFX qualifies for Orthodontic Insurance Benefits, HSA, and FSA.

The OrthoFX Concierge team loves helping patients find ways to reduce their out-of-pocket expense. Insurance discounts and HSA/FSA are the best ways to do that! The US based team is here to help you research your benefits. Call them at 415-936-0006 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST or email at insurance@orthofx.com. You can also call our office anytime with questions or assistance to take advantage of your benefits.


What can I expect during treatment?

OrthoFX is a convenient, comfortable orthodontic option for treatment. The aligners are aesthetic and nearly invisible when you’re wearing them. Each aligner will be worn for 22 hours a day. Remove to eat, drink or brush your teeth. In most cases you’ll wear each set of aligners a week at a time.

What is included in an OrthoFX Treatment?

Our FXTetra™ High-Tech aligners are games changers as well as smile changers. Included in your treatment:

  • All doctor visits, 3D teeth scan, clinical records, and all clear aligners.

    • A satisfaction guarantee from when you start treatment.

    • Free replacement aligners and one free set of retainers.

Glo Whitening

  • Always In-Person Doctor Care or Virtual Treatment options available.

Are there dental conditions that prevent me from using OrthoFX Aligners?

In your initial consultation, we will evaluate your oral health for treatment. In general, if you have maintained regular dental hygiene appointments and have good oral health, OrthoFX may be a good option for you. If you have active periodontal disease, missing teeth or active dental decay we will evaluate your condition and make recommendations before you can begin treatment. Patient safety and responsible care is important to our office.

What happens if I lose or break an aligner?

We know things happen. Replacement aligners while you are in treatment are included in your satisfaction guarantee. This does not include replacement of final retainers. Simply contact OrthoFX customer care at 415-936-0006 or email OrthoFX at support@orthofx.com with your name, phone number, and your city.

What are retainers?

After you have finished with your OrthoFX active treatment aligners and you’ve achieved your beautiful new smile, you want to protect your investment. A retainer will be worn daily according to our doctor’s instruction to keep your teeth in perfect alignment and your first set of retainers is included in your treatment. Our FXTetra Bright Retainers have a materials technology that make your perfect smile appear whiter and brighter. We know you’ll love wearing your retainer.