Traditional Dentistry vs. Biomimetic Dentistry

Traditional Dentistry vs. Biomimetic Dentistry

Traditional Dentistry

  • 100+-year-old methods

  • Sacrifices/destroys healthy tooth structure in order to accommodate a new restoration.

  • Relies on outdated macro mechanical retention such as placing pins, posts, slots, grooves, and other non-adhesive retention features.

  • Tooth is weakened

  • No bacterial seal

  • Weaker tooth

  • Higher chance of root canals

  • Higher chance of sensitivity

  • Less or non-aesthetic results

  • Higher treatment Costs

Biomimetic Dentistry

  • Next Generation Dentistry

  • Tooth conserving dentistry that treats only the damaged tooth & decay. The final restoration is bonded to the existing & healthy natural tooth substance.

  • Relies on advanced adhesive protocols which bonds/glues teeth back together and even adds missing tooth reliably without removing volumes of precious tooth structure.

  • Tooth gains strength

  • Seals the tooth from bacterial invasion

  • Stronger, healthier, longer-lasting tooth

  • Minimizes root canals by 90-95%

  • No Sensitivity

  • True to life Aesthetics

  • Patients are super happy

  • Lower long-term costs

What exactly is Biomimetic Dentistry?

  • Translated literally, biomimetic dentistry means to copy what is life-like from nature.

  • Biomimetic Dentistry is based on Advanced Adhesive Dentistry which can conserve so much more tooth!

  • Biomimetic dentistry is tooth preservation and dental conservation dentistry. Unlike traditional dentistry, our biomimetic approach focuses on preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Instead of drilling down teeth, we work to rebuild and protect them during the restoration process.

  • Biomimetic Dentistry creates dental work that imitates the natural teeth as closely as possible. We use carefully selected materials and the latest science, technology, and techniques to produce incredible dental work. Nature has provided the most successful and ideal properties to our natural teeth.

  • When restoring damaged, broken, and decayed teeth, the goal is to return the tooth to its original strength, function, and esthetics. Biomimetic dentistry accomplishes all of this in a conservative, strong, and attractive approach.

  • With Biomimetic dentistry, ONLY the damaged tooth and decay is removed. The final restoration is bonded to the existing and still healthy natural tooth structure utilizing Modern Adhesives and Advanced bonding protocols.

  • Biomimetic Dentistry has practically eliminated cutting teeth down. This has mostly eliminated the need for painful and destructive crowns and root canal treatment with its associated pins, posts, slots, grooves, and other non-adhesive retention features.

  • Minimizes root canals to about 90-95%

    • Biomimetic Dentistry significantly reduces the necessity for root canal treatments, keeping your tooth alive, the way it was meant to be. This is essential to the long-term success and preservation of your natural teeth.

    • The more prepping you do, the more the tooth is at risk of needing a root canal. By conserving more tooth and doing something adhesively you can ultimately prevent that.

  • Restorative materials are selected based upon how well their performance mimics natural teeth. So, in biomimetic dentistry tensile strength, elasticity, thermal properties, etc are evaluated.

  • Many competing synthetic dental materials are stronger, stiffer and seemingly more beautiful, however, their use often leads to undesirable results– even catastrophic failures. Dentistry has had structural failures and problems related to the over-engineering of materials, mostly because we did not have the knowledge or the technology to imitate natural teeth.

  • Now it is possible to rebuild teeth with materials that simulate natural teeth much more closely and hold up better to constant chewing.

  • Since biomimetic dentistry utilizes minimally invasive procedures, patients experience little to no discomfort in comparison with conventional procedures. In addition, patients are provided with longer-lasting and WHITE & NATURAL looking restorations and often spend less compared to conventional treatment. Biomimetic dentistry is an advanced cosmetic dentistry.