Injection Free Fillings

Injection Free Fillings

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How Does Injection Free Fillings Work?

Air Abrasion allows for painless, anesthetic-free treatment of cavities. Air Abrasion removes decay without damage to the healthy tooth structure. Air Abrasion fillings are small, invisible and sealed better than any other type of restoration. Air Abrasion fillings last longer than any other restoration in dentistry today. With Air Abrasion there is no heat, no smell, no vibration, and no noise! Air Abrasion fillings have superior esthetics, seal and longevity.

Dentists who want to practice minimally invasive dentistry recognize air abrasion to be absolutely essential in attaining the best results for adhesive bonding preparation. Air abrasion generates a cavity profile that has rounded internal as well as external line angles and no micro-fracturing of the enamel.

These fluid internal line angles reduce the incidence of stress risers and provide a very nice cavosurface margin to finish to with direct composite restorations, thus many studies show Air Abrasion increases bond strengths significantly.

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