Natural Veneers

Captivating Transformations with Natural Veneers

Embark on a journey of smile perfection with our latest case – a stunning smile makeover achieved through the artistry of natural veneers, curated by Dr. Nima Shayesteh at Concierge Smile Boutique.

Patient Concerns: This patient sought a natural solution to address various smile concerns, including a peg lateral, worn central incisors resulting in an inverse smile, discoloration, and an overall imbalance affecting her smile line.

Comprehensive Smile Enhancement: To revitalize her smile, we began with Zoom Whitening to brighten her teeth. A meticulous wax-up of the proposed new smile allowed the patient to envision the final outcome. With her approval, the transformative dentistry commenced.

Minimalist Approach, Maximum Impact: In a remarkable departure from the norm, Dr. Shayesteh addressed all her concerns and disharmony using only four veneers – a task often requiring ten veneers in conventional practices. The preparation and reduction of teeth were guided by smile design, ensuring minimal reduction for maximum tooth preservation. This not only maintains tooth strength but also extends the overall lifespan.

Precision Under Microscopic Vision: All procedures were performed under a surgical dental microscope at magnifications ranging from 17X to 24X of normal human vision. The use of rubber dam isolation during bonding prevented moisture contamination. Biomimetic protocols were rigorously followed, ensuring a durable bond, no discoloration at the veneer-teeth interface, and natural tooth flexion during function.

Perfect Fit, Optimal Biology: Our commitment to perfection is evident in the flawless fit of the veneers – no gaps, no over-sizing. This meticulous approach maintains proper biology for gums and bone, eliminating food traps and preventing bacterial growth. Consequently, issues like recurrent decay, inflammation, bleeding gums, and recession of bone and gums are mitigated.

Overjoyed Patient, Trusted Transformation: The patient, astounded by the results, expressed gratitude for putting her trust in Dr. Nima Shayesteh's expertise at Concierge Smile Boutique. This case not only delivered a beautiful smile but also highlighted the practice's dedication to precision, minimally invasive techniques, and the preservation of natural dental aesthetics.

Experience the magic of natural veneers – where precision meets perfection at Concierge Smile Boutique. #SmileTransformation #NaturalVeneers #BiomimeticDentistry #DrNimaShayesteh