Smile Rejuvenation with Aesthetic Ceramic Crowns

Smile Rejuvenation with Aesthetic Ceramic Crowns

Unlock the secret to a natural, vibrant smile with our patient's journey through Smile Rejuvenation using Aesthetic Ceramic Crowns, skillfully orchestrated by Dr. Nima Shayesteh at Concierge Smile Boutique.

Patient Aspiration: Desiring a more natural and appealing look, our patient aimed to replace two front crowns, seeking an ultra-conservative approach without the need for veneers on all front teeth.

The Transformative Process:

  1. Zoom Whitening Brilliance:
    • The journey commenced with a Zoom Whitening treatment, elevating the brightness of the patient's smile.
  2. Mastering Shade Matching:
    • Achieving a seamless blend when treating less than 8-10 teeth requires meticulous shade matching. Utilizing Vita Easyshade, we optically scanned the teeth at different segments and captured polarized photos with shade tabs for enhanced communication with our master ceramist. This method ensures accurate representation of value, dentin configuration, and whiteness.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics Assessment:
    • Translucency, a critical aspect of natural aesthetics, was assessed using black contrasters in photos. Full facial photos were taken to consider the patient’s skeletal shapes, ensuring a holistic approach to smile restoration.
  4. Masterful Ceramic Crafting:
    • Our master ceramist employed the gathered information to create crowns that:
      • Match anatomical shapes, harmonizing with adjacent teeth and facial features.
      • Restore symmetry, proportions, and foundational elements.
      • Utilize custom shades for a natural color gradient respecting Value, Hue, Chroma.
      • Introduce translucency for a youthful radiance, complementing adjacent teeth.
      • Layer porcelain to imbue depth, vivifying the restoration with natural light refraction.
      • Embed minute characterizations to mimic adjacent teeth anomalies and characteristics.

Conservative Approach, Tooth Strengthening Excellence: At Concierge Smile Boutique, we stand against unnecessary tooth reduction for crowns. In this case, where teeth were already trimmed for crowns, we showcased our commitment to ultra-conservative and tooth-strengthening approaches. Unsightly and defective restorations were replaced, ensuring optimal aesthetics without compromising tooth integrity.

Meeting and Surpassing Expectations: Once the restorations are fabricated, our commitment goes beyond aesthetics. Clinical and patient goals are meticulously met or surpassed. How these restorations are attached to teeth not only determines their longevity but also safeguards the integrity of the TEETH themselves.

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