Why Patients Choose Dr. Nima Shayasteh

Dr. Nima Shayesteh is a Certified Biomimetic Reconstructive Dentist with focus on TMJ Therapy, and Natural Healing Treatment methods. He performs minimally invasive precision micro-dentistry guided through Zeiss’s newest Surgical Microscope. Dr. Shayesteh is a professional of trust & integrity, offering World-Class Dentistry in a modern state-of-the-art practice.

Traditional dentistry which is practiced by 99% of the world’s dentists is mostly barbaric and cause teeth to go through the “cycle of tooth death.” Dr. Shayesteh has mastered over 1,000 hours of advanced post-graduate continuing education & training from top dentists in the world. As a result, he provides the finest dentistry based on proven scientific evidence-based literature & clinical dentistry and is skilled to prevent harmful treatments like crowns, root canals, and surgeries. The dentistry he performs will save you thousands of dollars and will allow you to keep your teeth for life!

There are three main treatment categories that his practice offers; each of which is offered by LESS THAN 1% OF DENTISTS IN THE WORLD.
This pamphlet will familiarize you with these three main services so you can keep your teeth, bone, gums and TMJ joints healthy for life and minimize the amount of dentistry you would otherwise need throughout life as is common with traditional dentistry methods.

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry (BRD)

Based on proven science, BRD is a modern dental treatment method that treats only the DEFECTIVE/INFECTED tooth structure and PRESERVES the remaining HEALTHY parts. Because the tooth increases in strength, the restoration lasts longer, and the tooth can be kept for life.

Traditional procedures like crowns, which irreversibly removes even healthy tooth structure, weakens the tooth which leads to failed bonds that increase decay, cracks, and sensitivity.

Traditional treatments like root canals, posts, crowns, & crown lengthening surgeries are a thing of the past and are avoided with BRD!

TMJ/TMD Joint Therapy

TMJ dysfunction results in damage to the joints, wearing down and breaking of teeth & restorations, teeth sensitivity, “unexplained root canals,” bone loss, gum recession, teeth mobility, shifting of teeth, joint & muscle pain, and tension headaches. Dr. Shayesteh provides Non-Surgical-Non-Invasive TMJ therapy at the root level which provides TMJ stability & a healthy guidance system that alleviate muscle pain & headaches and protects against further teeth damage. Nightguards, Botox or hyaluronic acid injections, are merely band aids. Joint surgery, and full mouth reconstructions are invasive, painful, can cost tens of thousands of dollars and rarely eliminate symptoms. Dr. Shayesteh is trained to eliminate the root problem and give you the relief you so disparately seek. Visit us for a personalized assessment.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Proud to be the FIRST CERTIFIED GBT PROVIDER in LOS ANGELES! A revolutionary modern way to clean teeth which completely removes bacterial biofilm (plaque) by using state of the art AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® technologies. Removing biofilm helps eliminate disease of the gums, and bone, and helps you keep teeth and implants healthy. Traditional methods utilize rubber cup and abrasive toothpaste which scratch teeth, dull restorations while only partially removing biofilm.

For World-Class Dentistry without high tower fees, please contact our office to schedule your appointment. Out of town patients are welcomed.


Biomimetically restoring a tooth begins with removing decay and cracks. Dentists trained with these principles use specialized dye and high degrees of magnification to prepare the tooth for restoration. This allows for only the decayed or cracked portion of the tooth to be removed, while preserving the healthy portions and encouraging a longer life for your tooth. Traditional practices remove parts of the tooth, regardless of its vitality. Biomimetic techniques take time but result in a healthier tooth once restored.


While a traditional crown or filling might look like a secure cover for your tooth, the material and preparations leave the tooth vulnerable to decay and cracks, often leading to a root canal or extraction. The materials used in a biomimetic restoration bond with the healthy parts of your tooth, protecting against bacteria and decay. This process allows your restored tooth to behave like a natural tooth, allowing your entire tooth to function like it should.


Biomimetic dentists love this phrase because it’s true. Once your biomimetic restoration is complete, you can enjoy years, if not decades, of full function. The materials and techniques used in your restoration will last, and that is something to smile about.


During a biomimetic restoration, more of your tooth is saved, compared to traditional procedures like crowns, which irreversibly remove healthy parts of your tooth.


Biomimetic treatments create a strong bond that protects against bacteria entering around the restoration. Traditional practices can lead to failed bonds, which increase decay, cracks and sensitivity.


A traditional crown will last an average of four years and will likely become symptomatic. Biomimetic restorations repair the tooth from the bottom up and last over 15 years based on current clinical data.


Saving your healthy tooth structure is our highest priority. After a biomimetic restoration, teeth chew and behave naturally, giving you a healthier smile.