Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges

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At Concierge Smile Boutique, our mission is simple: turn every smile into a work of art. As a premier dental practice serving the Culver City and West Los Angeles areas, we're proud to offer a wide variety of cosmetic, restorative, and general dental treatments to our patients, and we strive to design personalized treatment plans that suit the lifestyles of our patients. If you are missing a tooth or need to have a tooth extracted, a fixed dental bridge can help you complete your smile conveniently and effectively.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Simply put, a dental bridge is a device that uses an artificial tooth – usually made from ceramic – to span the gap and fill in the space left behind by a missing tooth. Modern dental bridges are strong, durable, and look like natural teeth, and we can even color-match your bridge to the specific shade of your teeth.

Fixed vs. Removable Bridges

Traditionally, dental bridges were placed by attaching them to crowns or tooth-colored metal bands on adjacent teeth. While this approach works and is still used today, fixed bridges supplement this with dental implants to cement the bridge. This is important because, unlike with removable bridges, the dental implants of fixed bridges extend into and eventually fuse with the gums, providing a sturdy foundation for long-lasting use. Fixed bridges using dental implants can easily last decades – and you'll never have to worry about the replacement tooth decaying.

Getting Fixed Bridges in Culver City

The first step to getting bridges is to use a special tool to reshape and resize the teeth next to the missing tooth. Doing will allows us to place a dental crown on them, which will help hold the bridge in place. We'll then take impressions and fit you with a temporary bridge while we finalize the design of your permanent bridge.

Once we finish the design of and manufacture your bridges, we'll have you in for your second visit. During this appointment, your Culver City dentist will remove the temporary bridge, place the permanent bridge, and precisely reshape it to match the rest of your teeth. Once the procedure is over, your new bridge will last a lifetime with proper care!

Why Do We Use Porcelain Dental Bridges?

While there are pros and cons to every material, porcelain is exceptionally strong and easy to reshape to match the look and feel of real teeth. Porcelain is also incredibly durable, which is important considering the amount of wear and tear teeth go through during normal use. Finally, porcelain looks like natural tooth material: in addition to being white, light penetrates and scatters in porcelain very similarly to the way it does in teeth.

Fixed Bridge Maintenance

With proper care, your bridge will last roughly 10 to 20 years. To care for it, just brush it with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day and floss it once a day – the same thing you do with a natural tooth.

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Fixed bridges present an excellent option for replacing missing teeth, and if you have been thinking of repairing your smile, we would love to help! Request an appointment online at our Culver City office to get started with your treatment right away, or if you still have questions, just call us at (424) 404-6400. We're excited to hear from you, and we hope to help you achieve a more complete smile soon!