Digital X-Rays

Thanks for taking the time to look over some information regarding the digital X-rays for your upcoming cosmetic dental procedure. Here atConcierge Smile Boutique, we do our best to educate and inform our patients about any and all dental practices as a form of transparency. We wouldn't want our doctors to keep us in the dark about our treatment and we believe the people of West Los Angeles feel the same way. That is why we will dig deeper into the digital X-ray process and let you know how this information pertains to you as a patient.

The Digital X-ray Process

Much like any traditional X-ray procedure, digital X-rays are taken in a single day. When escorted into the examination room, one of our staff will prep you in regards to which type of radiological examination will be taking place.

The first and most common type is intraoral- where the film/sensor is placed inside your mouth and allows the X-ray to focus on a small portion of the mouth. This type is commonly used as it provides greater detail on the specific area that we will be performing on during the cosmetic dental procedure. The second type of X-ray examination is extraoral. During this x-ray, the sensor is placed on the outside of the mouth in order to gain a bigger picture of the mouth as a whole.

After the X-rays have been taken, either Dr. Tamir Shams or Dr. Nima Shayesteh will go over the examination with you and describe what the results will mean for you and your cosmetic dental procedure moving forward.

The Digital Difference

Digital X-rays are used far more often than traditional chemical X-rays in the dentistry field today. There are many benefits to both patients and doctors alike by using this method of radiological examination. This advanced form of X-ray imaging lets us capture X-rays of your teeth, gums, face, and jawbone without using any harmful chemicals. That means no harmful mess, and there is 80 to 90 percent less radiation exposure to you and your family. In addition to safety, digital X-rays give our Concierge Smile Boutique dentists in Culver City enhanced the visibility of your dental condition. Digital magnification abilities from the print allow for a much more accurate and precise diagnosis. Also, because of the digital imaging process, results are immediate and do not require long waits for developing the film.

digital x-rays

Questions About Digital X-Rays?

If you still have a few questions or concerns about digital X-rays and what they entail, feel free to call us at our Culver City dentistry location. With our expert team at Concierge Smile Boutique, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cosmetic dentistry or digital X-rays. We look forward to hearing from you soon!